About Oro

From Dermago to Oro Health

Founded in 2018 by two dermatologists and a business analyst, Dermago allows patients to consult a dermatologist from the comfort of their home.

Problems like severe acne, rosacea, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, hair loss and itching can all be evaluated and treated virtually.

Since the launch of the virtual dermatology service, other clinics have expressed interest in the concept, wanting a telemedicine platform of their own. 

Dermago was thus transformed into a white-labeled, secure, user-and-clinician friendly platform that empowers other health care professionals to create their own virtual presence with no coding or design skills needed.

A straightforward mission

« Improving the daily lives of patients and physicians through innovative technological solutions to ensure quality and efficiency in healthcare. »

Jean-Philippe Doré

COO & Cofounder

Meet the founders

Dr. Marc-André Doré – OROHealth Chairman & Cofounder

Marc-André Doré, based in Quebec City, obtained his Doctorate in Medicine from Laval University in 2010 and completed a five-year specialization in dermatology. He now works in a private clinic and teaches dermatology residents at Laval University.

Dr Marc-André Doré, Oro's Founders
Dr Emilie Bourgeault, one of Oro's founders

Dr. Emilie Bourgeault – OROHealth CEO & Cofounder

Dr. Bourgeault, based in Quebec City, received her MD in Medicine from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and a Bachelor of Science from McGill University. She completed a five-year specialization in dermatology at Laval University and currently practices dermatology in Quebec City. 

Jean-Philippe Doré – Head of business development & Cofounder

Jean-Philippe Doré, based in Montreal, received his MSc in Finance from a top tier French business school. He has a broad experience in system implementation and product management. Jean-Philippe is a certified business analyst and professional scrum product owner. 

Jean-Philippe Doré, Oro's Founders

Meet our team

Bruno Morel - CTO

Bruno Morel has spent 20 years building software teams: apps for smartphones, clouds, etc.. Using his knowledge of software development and AI, he helps bring Oro Health to the next level. He contributes to building the modern healthcare system that both doctors and patients deserve.

Elcin Ergin - Data Scientist

Elcin is an expert Data scientist with a McGill Ph.D. in operations management and with hands on experience in developing models to solve problems in various fields including energy, retail, telecommunication and healthcare. She has published several articles.

Our team is :

  • passionate about software and the magic it can provide when in the right hands.

  • committed to making software, data science and artificial intelligence efficient, ethical and privacy-friendly.

  • eager to use, participate in, and perhaps contribute to open-source technologies and their ecosystem.

From the technology that supports our product, to the experience of commercializing ideas, to the incredible advisory support, we seek out the best people we can mentor, guide and grow.

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