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Oro provides a platform aimed at helping clinics and practitioners to digitalise their practice through an asynchronous telemedicine solution in a short period of time.

Here is a case study of our first client, the one for whom this asynchronous medicine platform was created, Dermago.

About Dermago?

Dermago is a web-based dermatology consultation service.  Its services concentrate on minor skin problems that can be diagnosed by photos, such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss and aging skin.   When the company was created, the founders wanted to address a critical need in Canada, namely the ever-increasing wait times in the healthcare system, especially outside of major metropolitan areas. Canadians no longer need to wait for a referral from a family doctor to treat their skin.

Since the platform was set up, Dermago has seen its volume of consultations increase daily.  Nearly a thousand patients now have access to a dermatologist on a monthly basis.

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Challenges faced by dermatologists

You are losing valuable time and so are your patients.

Missed appointments

A major problem faced by dermatologists included missed appointments and follow-ups. Prior to the arrival of the dermago asynchronous medicine platform, there was significant lost time for the entire dermatology clinic team when a patient failed to show up.  Knowing that many skin conditions do not require a face-to-face consultation, reducing the time lost to no-show management became one of the main concerns of their consultation platform.

Appointment and schedule management

Managing a clinic's schedule is always a headache whether it's appointment requests, specialist schedules, medical staff or administrative team. Not to mention the appointment requests, follow-up calls, reminders, schedule changes and all the administrative tasks involved. Several hours a week are lost. It was necessary for Oro to offer an alternative solution in order to reduce the costs related to schedule management.

Wait times and increasing demand

In the last few years, specialists have noticed a significant increase in the requests for consultations. Unfortunately, with this spike comes much longer waiting lists, especially outside of the major cities. A clinic consultation takes about 20 minutes per patient, which limits specialists to a limited number of consultations per day.  Considering that a diagnosis of a minor skin condition takes an average of 5 minutes, finding a solution to treat more patients in a regular day was a priority for Oro.

Lack of service in remote areas

In Canada, nearly half of the population resides outside of urban centers.  With specialized services unavailable in many areas, dermatologists were looking for a technology solution like Oro to provide anywhere, anytime care.

Lack of personal time

Physicians' long hours and dedication to their profession leave little time for a personal life.  With work-life balance being difficult, many physicians find themselves putting aside many aspects of their lives in order to fully dedicate themselves to their medicine. Oro's solution allows dermatologists to add Dermago to their practice without additional constraints.

Solutions offered to Dermago

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Communication multi-niveaux

Pour résoudre le problème le plus crucial, à savoir la perturbation de la communication, Oro a intégré des fonctions de messagerie asynchrone sécurisée dans la plateforme afin de remédier au déficit de communication entre le praticien et les patients. En misant sur la médecine asynchrone, Oro permet à Dermago de maintenir une communication saine et efficace entre l’équipe dermatologique et leurs patients.

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Multi-level communication

To address the most critical issue of communication disruption, Oro has integrated secure asynchronous messaging capabilities into the platform to address the communication gap between the practitioner and patients. By leveraging asynchronous medicine, Oro allows Dermago to maintain healthy and effective communication between the dermatology team and their patients.

No appointment consultation

In order to help manage the costs related to the operation of a primary care dermatology service, an asynchronous telemedicine solution is an alternative solution to consider since no appointment and schedule management is required. Without the need to contact the clinic, the patient has the freedom to submit a request at any time without constraint. Oro's asynchronous medicine platform has solved many problems such as missed appointments and appointment scheduling.  A gain in efficiency for both the clinic and the patient.

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Expanding the market

By integrating Oro's asynchronous medicine into their practice, Dermago dermatologists have given more people access to a specialist. Patients outside of major urban centers no longer need to make a long drive or visit a clinic in order to receive dermatological care. Synchronous or video-based medicine offers a similar service. However, some patients in remote areas do not always have good internet access, which can quickly become a problem and eventually require a trip to the clinic. With an asynchronous solution, these people can now consult a doctor without worrying about bandwidth.

Increasing the capacity of consultations

The Oro platform allows for minor cases to be treated by asynchronous medicine and reduces wasted time, thus freeing up clinic time for patients who really need a physical consultation. With a condition-based patient pathway and standardised prescription tools, dermatologists are able to triple their capacity. This gain in efficiency has important societal benefits as patients suffering from minor skin conditions can be quickly managed via a service like dermago. ORO's asynchronous solution for dermatology therefore promotes efficiency gains in the clinical pathway.

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Reduction of constraints

Treating a patient anytime, anywhere, on any device is now possible. Oro proposes an asynchronous platform, without direct real-time consultation, to optimize the care pathway. Thanks to this efficiency, it is now possible for dermatologists to treat more patients in less time, thus preserving time for personal activities.

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