Manage your time the way you need

Clinic Solution

Drive your efficiency to new limits.

Move from vision to action

Start your clinique

Integrate your image

Design your online clinic according to your branding.

Customize the experience

Personalized onboarding flow, triage and follow-up tools.

Tools to improve your business

Manage your clinic


Statistical and clinical data analysis to optimize your business growth.


Financial reports available with the integrated payment and claim system.


Manage different types of access: patient, doctor, or admin portal.

Are consultation requests and wait times piling up in your clinic?

Be more efficient and see more patients.

Oro's solution allows you to increase patient volume without compromising on your clinical capacity. Increase your revenues and decrease your management expenses.

A win-win situation!

Wherever and whenever you need

Grow your business

Online presence

Get your online clinic out there and get more patients.


Use marketing automation tools to expand your business.

Save time clock logo

Be more efficient

Save time

Integrated tools

Many integrated tools to get you ready in no time, such as predefined prescription, diagnosis, treatment, and administration templates, fax and e-prescription module, personalized patient triage and management tool, and many more.

Be mobile

Patients and clinicians can access the platform from any devices such as desktop, tablet, or phone, whenever, wherever.

Let's see how we can get you started

Data security, a top priority

Built-in compliance measures that meets the highest international standards for data security.

All Oro products have a fully encrypted database that complies with HiPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA and all other legal compliance requirements designed to protect confidentiality of data.

Oro's end-to-end encryption vault

Improve your time and practice.

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