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Dermatology Solution

Choose a dermatology clinic that fits your life.

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A proven technology already exists!

The Oro solution was originally created to address Dermago's founding dermatologists' needs.

Physician's journey | Oro Health asynchronous platform

A turn-key dermatology online solution

Tools adapted to dermatology

Numerous built-in tools to get you up and running quickly, such as predefined prescription, diagnosis, treatment and administration templates, a fax and e-prescription module, a customized patient triage and management tool, and much more.

Online presence

Creation of a customized microsite and landing pages to promote your clinic online.

Creation of the company in collaboration

Take advantage of our team's expertise to launch your clinic with you.

DermSmart AI tools

Artificial Intelligence assisted diagnostic tool for non life threatening skin diseases.

Let us assist you.

What is DermSmart?

DermSmart is a pre-diagnostic triage tool, powered by artificial intelligence, to increase the efficiency of dermatologists and their teams.

Accelerate the progress, accuracy and efficiency of medical diagnoses.

Build a better relationship

Get connected to your patients

Chat more easily

Secure asynchronous messaging allows you to stay in touch with your patients at all times.

Provide better follow-up

Use automated follow-up tools to stay connected and ensure a rigorous follow-up of treatments.

Be mobile

You can manage your clinic or respond to a consultation on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Improve your practice


Use automated marketing tools to grow your customer base.


Analyze statistical and clinical data to help you know how your business is growing.

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Data security, a top priority

Built-in compliance measures allow you to ensure care that meets the highest international standards for data security.

All Oro products have a fully encrypted database that complies with HiPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA and all other legal compliance requirements designed to protect confidential data.

Oro's end-to-end encryption vault

Improve your time and practice.

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