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Oro offers a platform that aims to help clinics and practitioners digitalize their practice in a short period of time via an asynchronous telemedicine solution.

Here is a case study of our first client in online STI screening and PrEP prescription.


YourTest is an online platform that allows anyone to get tested for STIs. YourTest’s objective is to revolutionise the STI testing industry by offering a full-fledged service which is easy to use, discreet, and accessible from anywhere in Canada. Users begin by filling out an online medical questionnaire, then get their samples taken at their closest screening centre, and finally receive their test results. Besides the collection of samples, all steps of this process are virtual. With YourTest, users get tested for a variety of STIs at once, including HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhoea, and they can also access certain treatments. 

The fact that the service is virtual highlights the importance of having digital systems that are fully optimized to support the centre’s operations. With Oro’s help, YourTest is able to expand its reach and has already attained a remarkable level of growth.

Challenges faced by STI testing prodivers

Lack of access

In a country as large as Canada, many people live far away from urban areas, which greatly complicates the access to STI screening. Even for potential users who are aware of the issue of STIs, the lack of access to a facility is inevitable, and this can cause severe health problems if an STI is not detected. As a result, potential patients living in isolated areas are left without options, and healthcare professionals are not always able to take in the amount of patients they desire. Oro health has the answer to that. 

Management of patients 

Optimising the management of patients is a challenge frequently faced by medical professionals, which turns out to become costly for the provider. Even among those who do use virtual documentation and online forms, many are not optimised to maximize their resources or treat patients entirely online. Traditionally, doctors are often at the mercy of tardy patients and no-shows. This is felt by a waste of both time and resources, as well as delays for STI screening centers and other patients. With Oro’s help, daily issues like these are resolved at YourTest, to the benefit of everybody.

Avoidance of the topic of STIs

The topic of STIs is quite sensitive, and most of us avoid talking about it on a regular basis. Therefore, less people know that it is recommended to get screened, and it is easier for misinformation to spread. Because of that, it is more difficult to have an honest conversation on the topic and fewer people get tested for STIs. It is important for a patient to have a way of talking about their concerns without fear with a professional. This is one of the problems that Oro strives to resolve!

STI Awareness

Many people are misinformed about STIs, or are prejudiced against those affected by them. It is thus sometimes complicated to access education on the topic, and even more difficult to bring oneself to get screened. It seemed normal for Oro to help combine the access to screenings with access to important medical information. 

Dispersion of services

Until now, it was necessary for patients to seek different resources to access all their needs in terms of screening and treatments. STI testing services do not commonly provide any medicine, and even among those who do, most do not screen for a multitude of common STIs at once. Thanks to Oro, it is now possible to integrate all the patients’ necessities on one plateforme.

Solutions offered to YourTest

Everything you and your patients need.

Reaching more patients using a virtual service

Oro supports specialists like YourTest in offering a fully online service, so patients located very far away are able to benefit from their offering. This therefore creates connections, generating additional screenings which would not have taken place otherwise, which is in the interest of both professionals and the general public. Another benefit of a virtual process is that YourTest can customize the customer experience as they desire, in order to efficiently collect and provide useful information to their patients. 

Optimisation through asynchronous medicine

For YourTest, the asynchronous feature is another advantage of online services. Thanks to asynchronous medicine, YourTest avoids face-to-face meetings, and with it all the complications that are associated. Doctors now have a more flexible schedule because there are no meeting obligations or defined time slots. There are therefore no delays, and it is now possible to proceed at any moment, whether it be on the side of professionals or of patients. For patients, it is guaranteed to receive a diagnosis within a reasonable delay. For YourTest doctors, there is no need to worry about patients who do not show up, and they benefit from online management tools, asynchronous communication platforms, pre-filled forms, data analysis reports, and much more.

Privacy for the patients

Oro allows STI screenings to not only become physically more accessible, but also to provide patients with an alternative that is more discreet and personal than usual. Virtual diagnosis allows patients to keep their intimity, which avoids any awkwardness or apprehension associated with traditional consultations. Maintaining a certain distance can therefore encourage more patients to favor virtual solutions made possible by YourTest. 

Integration of solutions

For YourTest, Oro supplies all sorts of functionalities that integrate medical professionals’ daily activities. The doctors who focus on screenings rarely have the time or desire to manage technology and administrative formalities. That is why YourTest trusts Oro to take care of all those tasks. This includes maintaining YourTest’s website, which consists of a section dedicated to detailed descriptions of each type of STI. Thanks to this, YourTest’s patients have access to important information that demystifies and raises awareness for STIs and their symptoms. Hence, those patients are able to both receive screenings, and get access to reliable information and advice from one single platform. 

Bringing together different services

YourTest is the first platform in Quebec to associate different types of services linked to infections. Thanks to Oro, YourTest is able to combine screenings of all the most common STIs with the possibility of receiving certain treatments, such as PrEP. PrEP is a way of greatly reducing the risk of getting HIV for at-risk populations. YourTest will also shortly be expanding its list of detectable infections to include not only STIs, but also others such as urinary and vaginal infections. The centralization of these different services on one single platform helps simplify the process for the patients, and allows YourTest to develop its own operations. 

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