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Telemedicine as it should be

Why should asynchronous medicine be your next step?

  • Cutting edge innovation

    Better technology in healthcare, for patients and clinicians.

  • Increasing acceptance

    Growing acceptance of telemedicine among patients, practitioners, institutions and governments.

  • Insurance coverage

    More insurers are covering telemedicine due to new technologies and its increasing use and acceptance.

  • Decentralized healthcare

    An increase in decentralized healthcare in which community practices will be more likely to use telemedicine.

  • New patient services

    New remote clinical services in disciplines that are ideal candidates for telehealth practice use.

  • Fast growth of telehomecare

    Telehomecare programs growing rapidly, chronic disease management programs, shift from hospital-based care to virtual care delivery.

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  • Clinic Solution

    For clinics looking to rapidly expand their telemedicine solution.

  • Practitioners Solution

    The ideal solution for practitioners who want to add asynchronous medicine to their current practice.

  • Dermatology Solution

    This solution is intended for dermatologists who want to offer a teledermatology service.

At Oro, we acknowledge that each practice has different needs.

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The Oro solutions are adapted to your practice or clinic requirements. Our team will be happy to discuss with you and provide you with a customized solution that fits your needs.