Real-time security

End-to-end encryption in compliance with the highest security standards.

Oro's end-to-end encryption vault

A top priority

Built-in compliance measures allow you to ensure care that meets the highest international standards for data security.

All Oro products have a fully encrypted database that complies with HiPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA and all other legal compliance requirements designed to protect confidential data.

Even in the event of a hack, the data is secure.

Oro Vault security

Data is stored, encrypted and anonymized using the patent pending Oro Vault process.

Every patient file, every physician case, is fully encrypted to meet the highest international security requirements.

How does the Oro Vault work?

Secure keys are created for each folder and are stored in encrypted form using the user's unique code.

Only users have access to the security keys to open their folders.